Austin ARS -- Recorder Players and Friends

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updated 6/22/2023!
We are starting year-round meetings as of this Summer!
That's right, we will continue meeting on the second Saturday of each month even in June, July, and August. The June meeting may sometimes be scratched if it is too soon after the Summer Texas Toot (as happened this year, 2023).

Mission of the chapter

The mission of the American Recorder Society is to promote the recorder and its music by:

Developing resources and standards to help people of all ages and ability levels to play and study the recorder

Presenting the instrument to new constituencies

Encouraging increased career opportunities for professional recorder performers and teachers

Enabling and supporting recorder playing as a shared social experience.

Regular meetings

We meet on the second Saturday afternoon of each month from 1-3pm. Please see the schedule for projected meeting dates and times for the upcoming season.

Each meeting (except during the Summer months) begins with a short (20-25 minutes) musical program usually presented by chapter members. Announcements and any business follows, and the remainder of the meeting is spent in large-group playing led by one of our Music Directors. The meetings last about 2 hours.

The monthly meetings take place at the Austin Mennonite Church, 5801 Westminster Drive, here in Austin. Here's a closeup satellite map to show you exactly where the most convenient parking is.

All lovers of early music are invited to attend, either to play or just to listen.

Group playing usually involves several types of instruments (several members also play viol or harp), so please feel free to bring any early instruments you may happen to have.
Important note: please bring your own music stand!

You may want to bring a stand light as well, if you need strong light.

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