The Organization ...

The Austin Chapter of the American Recorder Society has been in existence since 1959, when Natalie and Don Morgan founded it. The chapter has about 30 members as of the 2021-22 season. Membership is open to all who play or enjoy the recorder; annual dues of $15 are requested for local membership, and you are encouraged to join the national ARS organization as well.

Chapter Officers

Susan Richter  send Susan email

Immediate past President:
Terry Martin  send Terry email

Phoebe Allen  send Phoebe email

Cate Miller  send Cate email
Music Directors:
Susan Richter  send Susan email

Frank Shirley  send Frank email

Terry Martin  send Terry email

Victor Eijkhout  send Victor email

Gregory Eaton  send Gregory email

Where we meet

The monthly meetings take place at the Austin Mennonite Church, 5801 Westminster Drive, here in Austin. Because the shopping center across the street is being redeveloped, parking will be on the street at best.